Pest Control 101: Learn More About Silverfish in Edina, MN

There are tons of pests that can infest your home, including the odd-looking silverfish. With a silver-colored metallic appearance, this bug is shaped similar to a fish and moves like one too. It is typically seen in moist and humid areas and can easily begin to call your home its own. The damage silverfish cause can go unnoticed as they hide from humans. So quick removal is key, and with our silverfish services in Edina, MN, we can help you remove this pest from your home with ease.

Signs of Silverfish

The silverfish pests tend to live in areas that are dark and damp, so think under bathroom and kitchen sinks, attic spaces, or basements. These bugs like to eat paper, clothing, wallpaper, and similar products, including even the packaging of food items.

Because silverfish do not appear to humans if they can help it, homeowners need to look for signs of infestation. Feeding marks are a strong indication that you have a silverfish problem. You may find holes in stored clothing, notches on a paper’s edge, or etchings on the surface of wallpaper.

The bugs leave behind yellow stains as well as scales and feces that look like pellets of black pepper. It’s also common to see the bug come from skylights or light fixtures if they are living in the attic and fall down.

Damage Caused by Silverfish

Silverfish can cause damage to your home as well as the items inside, such as paper, upholstery, and clothing. These pests also cause allergies to those who may be affected.

In large numbers, silverfish cause major destruction, and you may find that much of your stored files are chewed up, books are damaged, or stored clothing is eaten away.

If you notice silverfish in your home, it’s time for professional assistance. With the right services in place, the silverfish will no longer live in your home and you won’t have to worry about damage to your property.

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