How Do You Get Bed Bugs? Learn More about Solutions for Your St. Louis Park, MN, Home

The dreaded bed bug: We all fear tiny bug creatures because we don’t want to feel anything crawling on us inside our home, especially in our bed! Unfortunately, bed bugs can occur even in the cleanest of homes. By learning more about how bed bugs appear in a home, you can take the appropriate action to prevent them. So, how do you get bed bugs in your St. Louis, MN, home? From travel to used furniture, bed bugs have a variety of methods for getting inside your home.

Keep Away Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are found inside bedding as well a furniture. Keeping the pests out of your home can be done by following a few simple tips. When it comes to used furniture, be wary of it. You want to avoid bringing items into your home if you don’t know their origin. Many people like to stop for used furniture setting on the side of the road, but you may be bringing more than furniture into your dwelling. Furnishings are often thrown out when they are home to bed bugs.

Hotels are also prime locations for bed bugs, and you can bring them home with you. How do you get bed bugs from hotels? Check all the bedding and furniture when you arrive at a hotel. Also, keep your suitcase off the bed in case bed bugs are present. They will easily get inside your luggage and return to your St. Louis Park, MN, home with you.


If you have tried your best to avoid bed bugs, but end up with them anywhere, help is available. With our quality bed bug solutions, your home will be free of the pests in no time. Now you are not asking the question “How do you get bed bugs?”, but “How do I get rid of bed bugs in my St. Louis Park, MN, home?”

At Be There Pest Control, we specialize in bed bug service options. Give our team a call at (612) 379-8300 at the first sign of bed bugs to be to rid these pests from your home. We are happy to help protect your home from bed bugs.