Ant Deterrent: What Homeowners Can Do to Keep Ants Away

Ants live in large colonies, with hundreds of individuals in need of food and shelter. Typically, ants will stick to the outdoors inside an anthill. However, while foraging for food, they may decide to gain entry into your home. Most homeowners, at some point in time, will find ants are moving about their home, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas. By learning more about the insect’s behavior, ant deterrent methods in St. Paul, MN and other info will help you to avoid an ant infestation in the future.

Food Is the Goal

Ants are foragers. Their main goal is to seek out food and bring it back to the colony. Ants can easily gain entry into your home by finding an opening. Even the smallest sliver can allow the insect to invade your dwelling. Ants are in search of sweet or protein/grease type foods. Once a source is found, they create a pheromone trail and other ants will follow.

This is why when you see ants, you eventually find a trail that leads to more. When you have an ant problem in your home, it’s important to act quickly. Ants are relatively harmless, but they can bite, and for some, an allergic reaction can occur including swelling and pain.

Deterrent Methods

When it comes to ant deterrent methods, there are many things to consider for your St. Paul, MN home. First, don’t leave food out on the counter overnight. This free food source is easy pickings and basically an invitation to the ants to come inside. Secondly, sign up for regular pest control treatments. With preventative maintenance you can ensure your home isn’t affected by ants and other pesky insects or critters in the future.

If you find ants in your home, eliminating the entire colony is key. Our experts can find the colony and provide quality pest control services to ensure the ants no longer want to live inside your home.

Practice deterrent methods from now on and always contact our office if you find that ants have found their way inside your home! In no time, your home will be free and clear of any ant issues.