Rodent Control Tips for Your Home or Business

Unfortunately for home and business owners, rodents such as mice and rats like to take up residency inside buildings. Over time, an infestation can occur without your knowledge, leading to an influx of the small creatures inside your space. Mice and rats can lead to health issues as well as fire hazards due to their chewing of electrical wires. To keep your property safe, it’s important to learn more about rodent control tips. This way, your Brooklyn Park, MN, property will remain safe and secure, free of the creatures.

Food Storage

A main factor that plays a role in an infestation of mice or rats is food storage. If you leave food items out overnight, even food crumbs, it can lead to mice and rat problems. Food that is left out is an instant source for the rodents. They can smell the free food and will enter your property to eat. Always clean up kitchen areas to keep mice and rats at bay.

When it comes to food storage, such as your pantry items, leaving bags opened or within easy access are other issues. Professional pest control experts will tell you that their top rodent control tips in Brooklyn Park, MN, include storing food items in hard plastic containers. Cereals, rice, and other similar food items should be placed in hard plastic storage for safe keeping. This way, the mice and rats cannot chew through packaging to get to your food items.

Rodent Control Services

Every home and business is susceptible to mice and rats. This is why rodent control services are so important. With preventative maintenance, you can ensure your home or business is not infested. Our expert team at Be There Pest Control can easily assist in preventative measures for your facility.

We will review your property, find potential entry and exit points, and use our top rodent control tips to ensure that mice and rats are not bothersome to your home or business. With our help, you will be able to avoid an infestation.

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