Pest 101: Common Household Bugs to Watch For

When becoming a homeowner, one quickly realizes that pests can be a problem, particularly bugs. There are many common household bugs that homeowners will deal with over the years. By knowing how to recognize such bugs and accessing quality control options, you can avoid infestations that can be damaging to your property or harmful to yourself and family members. Find out more about common household bugs in Eagan, MN, to be properly prepared.


One of the most common household bug issues is ants. From sugar ants to carpenter ants, this tiny pest can easily gain entry into your home and wreak havoc. Sugar ants are often found in the kitchen looking for a food source. This is the type of ant you will find marching around kitchen windows, in your pantry, and in cupboards and cabinets.

With carpenter ants, you have a more harmful pest as this ant likes to chew on wood. Depending on the size of the infestation, carpenter ants can damage vital wood components of your home, which could require repairs as well as removal of the pests.

Ants need to be removed to avoid damage to food and property. With the right pest control, ants can easily be removed.

Bed Bugs

Another common household bug in Eagan, MN, is bed bugs. No one wants to deal with bed bugs, but they do occur. Bed bugs can enter the home after a vacation trip or from used furniture. Bed bugs tend to hide in box springs, molding, boxes, and other dark areas.

Signs of bed bugs can include bites on your exposed skin after sleeping or spots of blood on your sheets. A bed bug infestation must be removed to protect your home as well as family members from bites.

Wasps and Bees

Another potential issue around the home is wasps and bees. These winged pests will build nests under eaves, in porch areas, and even the inside of exterior walls. Wasps and bees can sting, and if you’re allergic, they can become a serious health issue. It’s best to leave large infestations of this pest to the experts so they can be removed without harm to yourself or family members.

If you’re suffering from a bug infestation, give our team a call today at (612) 379-8300. We’re happy to provide the essential control services required to thoroughly clear your home of bugs like ants, bed bugs, wasps, and bees.