How to Get Rid of Pests in Your New Home

If you’re a new homeowner, you’ll soon find that your purchase comes with a host of responsibilities: keeping up with maintenance needs, taking care of repairs and problems as they arise, and so on. Along with standard home maintenance like HVAC problems or electrical glitches, you may also find that pests can be quite a problem. From ants and wasps to mice and rats, a slew of pests can wreak havoc on your new home. So what can you do to prevent pests from entering your home? And once you spot a pest problem, what is your next step?

As a new homeowner, you probably have no idea how to get rid of pests from your Bloomington, MN, home. Don’t worry; Be There Pest Control can help. And by working with a professional company, you can ensure the pests are effectively removed in a timely manner.

Detecting Pest Problems

Because you are a new homeowner, you may be unsure how to detect a pest problem. So learn a few key signs to help you recognize and stop a pest issue before it becomes a major infestation. Take mice or rats, for example. Rodents leave behind feces and urine, usually running along the baseboards in your home. So, if you begin to see tiny pellets of feces or wet spots near the baseboards, you have a clear indication that rodents are in your home. Of course, if you see the furry creatures running about, then you definitely know you have a problem.

Ants, be they carpenter or sugar, walk along your home in lines. These pests are colonized insects, so they tend to stick together. If you have an ant problem, you’ll probably see the insects marching along your window sills or on your kitchen countertops in search of food.

Once you detect a pest problem of any type, immediately contact the experts at Be There Pest Control, who know how to get rid of pests. Our team will be able to evaluate your home and provide a quick solution.

Professional Pest Control Service

Professional pest control includes several facets to ensure your home is properly treated. Professionals will thoroughly inspect your home and develop a plan for removing the pests, depending on the type. Also, professionals will find the entry points of rats, mice, ants, and so on, and seal the openings so these pests cannot re-enter your home.

For example, if you have ants inside your home, their ant hill outside needs to be treated to attack them at their source. If you work with an experienced company like Be There Pest Control, you’ll have the pests in your Bloomington, MN, home removed quickly and effectively. We provide thorough services so that you don’t have a future problem with the pests.

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