How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

When you hear the term bed bug, it can send a chill down your spine. While no homeowner wants to have bugs in their home, bed bugs are seemingly the most dreaded of all. Most people think that bed bugs only occur in an unclean home, however, that isn’t the case. Bed bugs can occur at any time and in any space. Learning more about bed bugs will help you to avoid the insects or make the right decisions to remove the pests from your home.

So, how do you get bed bugs in Minneapolis, MN? Read on to find out more.

Bed Bugs in the Home

Bed bugs are small insects that are red-brown in color. They are quite small at only about one-quarter inch in size before they feed. The bugs hide during the day and will come out at night. In the home, bed bugs can become a problem due to a variety of reasons.

You may be affected by bed bugs when you travel out of town or visit someone who has bed bugs. The insects can get inside your purse, luggage, backpack, or other items that are soft or upholstered. When this happens, they enter your home and then begin to become a problem.

If you live in a multi-unit building like an apartment, bed bugs can be an even bigger problem. In an apartment building, the bugs may infest one section and then spread throughout the building.

So, when asking the question “How do you get bed bugs in Minneapolis, MN?”, this is how. With this info you can avoid bringing bed bugs into your home by taking care when traveling. Check your hotel room for signs of bed bugs, and avoid placing your luggage on the bed or floor.

Be cautious of items you buy at a second-hand store, particularly furniture. Bed bugs can be anywhere in something that is covered with fabric, so checking used items before you buy or even sit on them is important.

Be There Pest Control

If you find that your home has somehow become infested with bed bugs, give our office a call immediately. We can help you with our quality bed bug removal service options. After an inspection of your home, we work quickly to ensure the space is free of the pesky insects.