How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants When They Take Over Your Home

Every spring and summer, your home seems to get taken over by sugar ants. The ants love to eat human food, and in most homes, they easily find a free resource. Sugar ants like to congregate in kitchen spaces, marching into cupboards and pantries to find food for their colony. Most homeowners have no idea they have a problem until they see the line of ants on their countertops. Once a problem exists, it is time to learn what to do to remove the pests from your home. Plus, learning how to get rid of sugar ants in your Eagan, MN, home will help you to avoid this annoying issue year after year.

What You Can Do

As spring and summer draws near, you can take actions to avoid ant issues inside your home. First, check your house’s exterior for nearby ant hills because these hold potential for a sugar ant infestation. If you see an ant hill, let our professionals treat it so that you don’t have to worry about ants getting inside your home.

Don’t leave out food or forget to wipe down countertops after a meal. Crumbs of food or liquid on your kitchen counters attract ants. And, as the name implies, sugar ants are particularly attracted to foods with sugar.

By wiping up any food mess, you’re removing any potential food sources for the ants. Consequently, ants that may be nearby are not tempted to begin entering your home for food.

Also, be sure to wrap up food tight and clean up any spills in your pantry. Hungry ants will look for food inside your pantry as well as your countertops, and  they can even chew into packages and damage your food sources.

Professional Control of Sugar Ants

Learning how to get rid of sugar ants in your Eagan, MN, home includes contacting our quality team of pest control experts. We can help to remove the ants from your home and take care of the problem from its source. Remember: You can kill as many ants as you like inside your home, but if you don’t take care of the source, the ant colony home, then you are going to have new and more ants in your home each day.

With the help of Be There Pest Control, your ant problem will be nonexistent in no time. Give our team a call today at (612) 379-8300 to find out more about how ants can be removed from your home.