What Are Boxelder Bugs, and Can They Infest Your Home?

Homeowners are often faced with pest infestations, from mice and rats to cockroaches and bed bugs. However, there are also other pests that must be dealt with, but most homeowners are unaware of their existence. One such example is boxelder bugs. Your Bloomington, MN home may be subject to a boxelder bug infestation, which can be a nuisance. Learn more about the bugs and how you can get rid of them below.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

This small bug is black with a red or orange marking that can be found in areas where boxelder trees are present. The bugs have six legs and are about a half inch long. This type of bug will become a problem when it invades a space. They emerge in the spring and tend to infest in the fall, taking up residency in a shed, garage, or home space.

Pest Control Options

When you find boxelder bugs in your home, they must be removed. To do this, any entry points will need to be eliminated. Holes in window or door screens should be repaired, and cracks and crevices in walls, siding, and roofing should be sealed with caulk.

The experts at Be There Pest Control can easily inspect your home and determine the best course of action for boxelder bug removal. In some instances, boxelder bugs can enter wall voids. They should not be killed at this time as their bodies will attract beetles, which causes yet another pest issue.

Once you notice a problem with boxelder bugs or you think you may have an issue but can’t identify the insect, give our experts a call. We can provide an inspection to determine if you have boxelder bugs in your Bloomington, MN, home and discuss the best way to eliminate them.

Once the infestation is detected, we work quickly and efficiently to help your home be pest-free. Rely on our professional team to get rid of boxelder bugs and ensure all entry points are properly sealed so you don’t have a similar issue in the future.

Give our office a call today to find out more about boxelder bugs including prevention. We can easily setup an appointment for service and get started right away in helping your home become pest free!