Is It Bad to Have Silverfish in Your Home?

Silverfish are tiny insects that are gray or silver in color that can infest your home. They’re active at night and can scare a homeowner if they awaken and find this bug crawling around in the kitchen or bathroom. Having any pest inside your home is a nuisance, and with silverfish, you run the risk of belongings being destroyed. The pests like sugar and carbs, so they’ll eat your food plus chew through clothing and other items. So, is it bad to have silverfish in your St. Paul, MN home? It is, and professional pest control can ensure this bug is totally removed!

Are Silverfish Harmful to Humans?

In general, no. While silverfish look weird and scary, they’re not poisonous to people. They also don’t bite or carry disease-causing pathogens. However, they can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Silverfish shed their skin as they grow older, which is known as molting. When molting occurs, it leaves behinds scales. Some people are allergic to the dust that can be created from the scales.

While silverfish will not harm you, they can be damaging. They’ll eat anything including cereal, wallpaper, clothing, and insulation. If you have an infestation in your home, you may find items they have chewed through and destroyed, which will cost you money to replace.

Treating the Problem

If you’ve noticed these tiny bugs inside your home, then you’ve most likely asked the question, “Is it bad to have silverfish in my St. Paul, MN home”? To some, it is bad, especially if you’re allergic and it causes you to have a reaction. And, if the infestation is large enough, you may find that many of your possessions are destroyed.

To avoid any major issues, such as the destruction of your belongings or food, have the silverfish problem inspected by an expert. With the help of Be There Pest Control, we can ensure that a silverfish problem is thoroughly removed. Our team will find where the pests are residing and ensure they’re removed and no longer an issue.

Be There Pest Control can help resolve any size infestation, so give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment and let us rid your home of these damaging little insects!