Pest Control Tips You Can Count on to Avoid an Infestation

Be There Pest Control deals with a number of pest control issues on a daily basis. We have seen it all and want to help our customers avoid infestations in the first place. With our following pest control tips, you can keep your Brooklyn Park, MN, business or home free from pests like rats and mice, ants, bed bugs, and more. Read on and take note so you can avoid any health issues or property damage due to an infestation.

Clean Up Food and Liquid Spills

After a meal or snack, be sure to clean up any food or spills. Crumbs and liquid are especially enticing to rodents and ants. If you generally leave out food items overnight, the pests sense it and begin to access your home. In no time, you will have an infestation that must be dealt with by professionals.

Seal Up Cracks and Crevices

The main way that pests enter a home is via tiny cracks and crevices, which can be around windows and door frames, or in crawlspaces. Every now and then, inspect your home to be sure you do not have any openings through which mice or ants could crawl. Use sealers like caulk to fill in gaps and holes so you do not have entry points for pests to come inside your home. This particular pest control tip is one of the most common that we give to our Brooklyn Park, MN, customers who are looking to stop pests from gaining entry into their property.

Regular Pest Control

A major method of avoiding any type of pest infestation is with regular pest control appointments. With routine servicing, you are able to avoid any ants, mice, rats and other pest problems that are common in home or business properties. The Be There Pest Control team can identify potential problems and treat your home in a general manner to avoid any pest issues.

With our help, you can avoid any major infestation problem and are able to enjoy your home or workplace without any pests roaming about. If you think you have a pest issue, give our office a call today to begin service to eradicate the pests. If you do not have a problem and want to keep it that way, we offer preventative maintenance options. Give us a call today at (612) 379-8300 to schedule an appointment!