Pest Know-How: How to Deal with Common House Spiders

The term “common house spider” is used to describe a spider that is most often seen indoors. This pest is a nuisance due to creating webs inside the home as well as on the outside. The spider is common in the U.S. and can take over your home if left unchecked. Learning how to identify this spider and remove it will help you to stay pest-free in your home. Learn more about common house spiders in Minneapolis, MN below.

Characteristics of a Common House Spider

The common house spider has a yellowish-brown color with an abdomen that is white in color, though it will appear dirty or gray. It has eight legs and an elongated abdomen. The females are larger than the male and can lay around 250 eggs in one sac. In the home, you may have more than one sac present, which can quickly result in many spiders once the eggs hatch.

You’ll be able to determine if you have an infestation of the common house spider by finding the spider as well as webs throughout your home. Spiders tend to prefer corners of rooms or high ceilings to create their webs. Look in these areas to see how many webs you have and if this is the spider-type taking up residency inside your home.

Proper Removal

While the common house spider found in Minneapolis, MN is harmless, you don’t want your home to become overrun with spiders. You may also have another type of spider problem that needs to be addressed. Our expert team will be able to determine the type of infestation you have and provide a solution. In some homes, you may have a brown recluse spider problem, which can be dangerous for everyone.

Let our team investigate your property and determine what type of spider infestation you have. Once it’s determined if the issue is a common house spider or a more dangerous spider type, we can provide pest control services to rid your home of the infestation.

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