How to Rid Your Home of Mice

When it comes to pests invading your home, mice are one of the most frustrating. They seem to know exactly where the best habitats are, and they’ll eat your food and spread filth and destruction throughout your house. Once you seen signs of mice, there’s no time to procrastinate. You want them gone, and you want them gone fast. If these tiny rodents are turning your house into their home and you’re wondering how to get rid of mice in St. Louis Park, MN, calling Be There Pest Control today is a great way to start!

Common DIY Mice Control Mistakes

Once one family of mice has taken up residence in your home, there will be dozens more before you know it. Often, homeowners who only see one or two mice scampering around assume the problem isn’t really that bad and they can get the situation under control by setting a few traps. However, the mice all too often will eat the bait without activating the trap, leaving the homeowner unintentionally nourishing the mice as they continue to thrive and reproduce.

Another common mistake that homeowners make is not finding all the entry points used by mice. Many times, mice will enter through a crevice or crack in your home’s exterior. If these entry points don’t get sealed, all other efforts to rid your home of mice will be futile.

Ready to Rid Your Home of Mice?

If you desperately want to know how to get rid of mice, look no further than Be There Pest Control. Our years of experience in mouse control makes us one of the most trusted and reputable pest control services in St. Louis Park, MN. Not only will we eliminate mice from your home, we will also ensure they stay away for good. For more information about preventing mice from entering your home or how to go about eliminating them, please contact us today.