How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

A lot of people commonly ask the question “where do bed bugs come from?” This is even truer if they have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with one of these nasty little infestations. For folks in Minneapolis, MN, or anywhere else, who have had their home invaded by these huge armies of tiny bugs, they know it is not a situation that you take lightly.

But for the readers who are wondering ‘where do bed bugs come from in Minneapolis, MN?’, specifically, we have a few answers for you. After all, if you keep a clean home and you don’t bring in a bunch of junk, how could you end up with them? Well, bed bug infestations are more common than you might think.


This is probably the most common reason that you or anybody else find themselves dealing with a bed bug infestation, particularly if there are no other obvious culprits. Anytime you take a trip and stay in a hotel or motel, you are running the risk (however small it may be) of picking up a few of these unwanted guests for your return trip.

Used Items

Buying secondhand furniture, especially bedding, can also lead to a problem with bed bugs. While it’s always best to buy new items whenever possible, sometimes the price and getting a good deal matter more. However, be careful when buying or picking up secondhand furniture—especially if it is on the side of the road!

Multi-Family Housing Units

Sometimes a pest invasion has nothing to do with you, but instead, with your neighbor. If you live in an apartment complex or condo community, you can end up with a bed bug problem simply because they traveled from a neighboring unit.

Regardless of how you end up with a bed bug infestation, the situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate, and the longer you wait, the bigger the problem is going to get. So, get in touch with the experts here at Be There Pest Control. Whether it’s ants, rodents, and of course, bed bugs—we can make sure the problem gets taken care of as quickly as possible.