Common Reasons for Needing a Bed Bug Removal Service Performed in Your Home

Nobody ever enjoys the fact that they need some kind of pest control service performed on either the inside or outside of their Edina, MN property. This is true of anything, from rodents to roaches and wasps or hornets.  

However, there is one kind of infestation that makes nearly everyone’s skin crawl just a little bit more; bed bugs. Whenever someone is in need of bed bug removal, the first thing that usually comes to their mind is “how did this happen?” There are a few possible causes:

  • Recent Traveling

If you and/or family or friends have been traveling recently, this is one of the strongest possibilities. Depending on the type of hotels you stayed in and how well the staff cleans them, chances are you may have picked them up somewhere along the way. They can even latch on to luggage and clothing to find their way back to your home.

  • Recent Guests

If you have hosted any family or friends at your home who have recently or are currently traveling, all of the same risks associated with you traveling yourself are still posed. They may have picked them up on their clothing and brought them to you.

  • Used Furniture or Bedding

Although most people would thoroughly wash any bedding they get from somebody else, that’s not always the case with chairs, couches, or other used furniture they may purchase or get for free. These tiny invaders can reside in these items as well, and when you bring that piece of used furniture into your home, the bed bugs that hitched a ride in will waste no time to make your home their home!

Don’t let a bed bug removal in Edina, MN get any worse than it already is. Get in touch with the removal experts here at Be There Pest Control ASAP. We’ll be glad to schedule a call and have one of our experienced technicians visit your home immediately, assess the situation, and devise a thorough and effective plan to completely eliminate the bed bug infestation!