Various Commercial Pest Control Services for Your Business

For businesses and organizations in and around the Brooklyn Park, MN, area, making sure that your building or office space is free of pests is a non-negotiable obligation. Commercial pest control differs in a number of ways from residential treatments. When speaking specifically about business-related services, here are a few examples:


Mice and rats are two of the most common types of furry critters that find their way indoors and create a pest-control nightmare. It can be even worse in offices or larger businesses such as warehouses and multi-floor buildings because these animals can occupy an area that is rarely or even completely unused, and grow their numbers much larger before being discovered. This is a frequent service call for commercial pest control in Brooklyn Park, MN, and the surrounding region.

Ants, Roaches, and Other Small Bugs

Something else to be on the lookout for at your business property is small bugs like roaches and ants. Spiders can also be a common problem. These smaller invaders are attracted to different items or features of your space, although they usually all have to do with food, water, and shelter. Be sure to clean up and carefully store any food items to deter these pests.

Wasps and Bees

It is also not uncommon that various flying, stinging insects may invade the indoor or outdoor areas of your professional property as well. This includes not only bees and wasps, but also hornets, yellowjackets, dirt daubers and many others.

Not only are all of these pests major nuisances and quite unnerving or startling when encountered, they also all pose various health risks as well. Rodents carry numerous diseases, spiders can be poisonous, and stinging insects can cause highly allergic, even fatal, reactions.

Be There Pest Control specializes in helping commercial (as well as residential) buildings stay clear of pest invasions and infestations of any kind. Simply contact us to find out more about our commercial pest control or to schedule an inspection or service from one of our expert technicians or teams.