3 Simple Rodent Control Tips for Outside of Your Home

There is a lot to think about with the dawn of a new year. You probably have a hearty list of household chores, property maintenance, improvements, and more for your Edina, MN, home. But is rodent control on that list? Oftentimes, rodent problems start outside and, with proper intervention, can prevent these critters from getting into your home altogether. The experts at Be There Pest Control are here to help. Here are our top rodent control tips for outside of your home.

1. Watch for Signs of Mice Outdoors

It’s very easy to know when you have a rodent problem inside your home. You may hear them scurrying through the walls or in the attic. You might see droppings or food packaging which has been disturbed. However, these unwelcome visitors didn’t come from nowhere; they came from outside. Rodents often move into homes in search of warmth, food, and other comforts.

But, if you notice you have a rodent problem outside, you can help mitigate it before they enter your home. Not only that, you can prevent them from causing damage. Rodents may harm to your yard by building tunnels, and your garden by munching on the vegetation. Look out for nests, which are commonly found under debris, timber, around sheds, and even inside drain pipes. Also watch for gnaw marks on fences, garden plants, and doors.

If you spot a mouse in the flesh, it’s almost certain there are more. If you suspect an infestation, immediately call your local rodent control experts.

2. Beware of Invading Predators

With a readily available food source come hungry predators ready to exploit it. A rodent infestation outside can beckon a host of natural predators, including snakes, bobcats, birds of prey, and more. While these predators do a great job of catching rodents, they can also pose a threat to pets or small children who frequent your yard. With predators being drawn to your property, the likelihood of an unfortunate encounter only increases. If you notice an increase of predators in your area, it could be a sign of a rodent infestation. Contact your local rodent control professionals to investigate.

3. Keep Food and Yard Waste to a Minimum

One of the best rodent control tips is to make sure that all discarded food and trash is disposed of properly. This is especially true this time of the year when people may have thrown out an excess of holiday leftovers, ringing the dinner bell for hungry rodents. Easy access to unsecured garbage cans is a huge draw for rats, mice, and many other pests.

Also, if you have a brush pile outside or yard waste, it could serve as the perfect place for rodents to make their nests and more rodents. By keeping food and yard waste to a minimum and frequently clearing it out, you make your yard less attractive to rodents.

When it comes to beneficial rodent control tips, there are dozens and dozens of helpful strategies to keep your Edina, MN, property pest free. However, the best thing you can do if you think that you may have an issue is to contact the professional rat and mice removers here at Be There Pest Control. We have the experience and know-how necessary to get rid of your problem.