When it comes to controlling pests, having an extermination expert assist you with any pesky intruders is a must. At Be There Pest Control, we offer service options for every type of pest, including ants. Should an ant infestation occur in your home, you need effective solutions to avoid any major issues. With our ant exterminator solutions in Edina, MN, we provide quality options for your infestation problems.

Ants Are Taking Over

An infestation typically starts with seeing just a few ants on your kitchen countertops, but if these pests find something they like to eat, the entire kitchen can quickly become a hotspot for a whole lot of ants. When this happens, the entire colony needs to be dealt with or you will have the same problem after a treatment has been implemented.

At Be There Pest Control, we offer services for the entire problem, both inside and outside your home. In many cases, the ant colony home is located outside with the ants coming inside in search of food. Ants that commonly access residential areas include the common sugar ant and the carpenter ant.

Both can bite, but each affects your home differently. The sugar ant looks for food sources and bites through packages or carries off bits of food left out on your kitchen counters. With carpenter ants, which chew wood, you have the added issue of potential structural harm from the way they damage wood surfaces.

Carpenter ants get their name from their need to chew through wood. When a large number of these ants are in your home, they can cause damage to wooden structural components. It’s essential that the infestation problem is taken care of quickly so that no more damage is caused to your home and so that any damage is appropriately repaired.

Why Ants Enter Your Home

As an ant exterminator in Edina, MN, we find that ants often enter your home due to finding a free food source. Homeowners often leave out crumbs on home surfaces or allow spills to go unattended, and these free food sources are attractive to ants. Once the ants recognize that they can get free food from your home, they’ll march back and forth from their colony to get it.

To avoid any ant problems, it’s essential that all spills are cleaned up and food is never left out overnight without being tightly sealed. You’ll want to clean up any food crumbs as well because they’re also attractive to ants.

Having a professional ant exterminator service come to your home also helps to prevent ant infestations. With quality pest control maintenance, ants will not want to set foot inside your home. And there will be no ant hills outside your home, so no ants will find their way inside.

If you notice ants in your home, give our team of experts a call. Where there are a few ants, there are most likely a lot more nearby. With the right services, your home will be free of ants in no time and you’ll no longer have to worry about the tiny creatures marching throughout your home.

Our technicians are happy to help, no matter the scale of your infestation. Schedule an appointment today so that we can inspect your home and come up with a plan of action to get the ball rolling on ant removal. Call Be There Pest Control at (612) 379-8300. We’re here to help!