Ants can be a pesky and/or serious issue in your business or home. The tiny insects don’t really care whom they bother as long as they have access to a free food source. As an ant exterminator in Minnetonka, MN, we at Be There Pest Control pride ourselves on helping the community get rid of ant infestations. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner with an ant problem, we can help!

Our experienced technicians know how to deal with several ant species, including carpenter and sugar ants. No matter how large or small your ant problem, we can help!

Discovering the Ant Problem

There are many ways to discover if you have an ant problem in your home or business. The most obvious is actually seeing the ants. The insects like to stick near food sources, so in either a business or residential property, they will most likely be found near food packaging or crumbs left out on surfaces. However, in a business setting, you may just see them marching in other areas as they move about the space.

Less obvious signs are seeing large ant hills near the exterior of your property or finding that food is missing or that packages are chewed through. As an ant exterminator in Minnetonka, MN, we can help look for signs of an ant infestation and ensure your home or business is free and clear of ants in no time.

Taking Care of the Infestation

Most people think if they smash the ants they see, then it will take care of the problem. But that’s not the case. Unfortunately, when you see a few ants, there are far more in the building. Ants live in colonies, and so you most likely have hundreds or thousands traveling throughout your property.

You can smash ants or use sprays to try and kill the ones you see, but the next day, the ants are back. This is because the colony must be treated before the ants problem will no longer be an issue.

At Be There Pest Control, we provide treatment inside and outside of your home or business. We find the colony so that we can treat every aspect of the infestation. With the colony treated, you’ll soon find that ants do not feel welcome in your home and will no longer be a nuisance.

With our treatment options, your home or business will be taken care of the right way. You’ll no longer have to worry about ants in your living or working space. Ants are a nuisance not only because they eat your food, but also because they bite. You definitely don’t want to have ants roaming free within your space.

When you find that ants are a problem in your business or home, give us a call. We’ll provide quality ant exterminator services for you to ensure that the pests are gone. Let our team take care of your ant problem, and you can rest easy knowing that the tiny but sometimes mighty pests will soon be gone for good!

Give us a call today to learn more about our extermination procedures or to schedule an appointment for service! We look forward to serving you!