While no one likes to have pests in their home, one of the most difficult to remove is ants. From sugar ants to carpenter ants, these tiny insects can easily infiltrate your home by the thousands. Ants are colonized creatures, so when you see a few, there are far more located nearby. Most homeowners don’t even know they have an ant problem until they see the pests marching along kitchen counters, cabinets, or baseboards. Even if you smash every ant you see, the next day more appear, so what do you do?

Contact our team of experts. As a top-rated ant exterminator in St. Louis Park, MN, our team is well-equipped with the best options to rid your home of ants. We know just what to do to ensure the ants no longer want to call your home their own.

Often times, the ant colony is located nearby, perhaps under the home or near an outside wall. If you treat the interior of the home and not the outside, the problem will not go away. With a full treatment, both inside and out, you ensure the ants are removed. Be There Pest Control finds and treats the source of your ant problem. When you notice ants, give us a call immediately so we can begin our service right away.

Why Do Ants Enter Your Home?

Ants like to enter residential spaces to search for food sources. Most homeowners leave food out and about that ants can use for their food needs. With an instant and easy access to food, the ants won’t want to leave.

All homeowners should wipe down countertops after meals and put uneaten food away. Always clean up drink spills when they occur, and vacuum floors to ensure any food spills are removed.

When food is left out, the ants can detect it, and they’ll infest your home to bring small pieces back to their colony. They’ll continue to come back for more, even entering your cabinets or pantry to look for more food. By cleaning up and cutting off their food source, you can work to ensure ants won’t find your home desirable.

Sugar ants are attracted to the food in your home, while carpenter ants like to bore through wood to create their nests. Both are a nuisance and can cause damage. Sugar ants will damage your food pantry, while carpenter ants will destroy wood elements in your home. Whatever type of ant issue you may be experiencing, we can help.

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