Bed bugs are creatures that no one wants to see inside their home. Unfortunately, infestations of bed bugs can be common. When these tiny creatures invade your home, you want to deal with the infestation as soon as possible. At Be There Pest Control, we’re ready to help you get rid of the creatures and ensure your home is free of bed bugs.

Our team of expert technicians have vast experience in bed bug removal and can help your Bloomington, MN, home stay free and clear of the pests. When you begin to notice an issue and think bed bugs are a problem, give our office a call immediately to find out how we can help.

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

Adult bed bugs are about the size of a deer tick. If you don’t notice the bed bugs themselves, you’ll definitely notice their bites. If you are waking up and finding red spots on your legs, it’s a sign that you could have a problem.

Bed bugs take up residency in your bedding, the mattress especially. They will then attack you during your sleep. The bugs are essentially harmless, but they can cause an allergic reaction that’s no fun, especially if it’s taking place day after day.

When you begin to notice such bites, think about what you have done lately. Have you taken a trip? If so, you may have brought bed bugs home with you from the hotel. Have you purchased a bed or mattress from a second-hand store? This may also be the cause as the bed frame or mattress may have been infested.

Once you notice a problem, it’s time to connect with our bed bug removal experts in Bloomington, MN. We can easily assist with your problem, providing the right solutions so bed bugs are removed from your home quickly.

Professional Services

With bed bugs, it’s essential that expert technicians provide removal services. Without the help of a pro, the bugs can remain and continue to pester you with bites every day. Our team has vast experience in removing bed bugs and know just what to do to help with your problem.

First, we’ll schedule an appointment as quickly as possible and focus on learning more about your home. After our initial inspection, we’ll formulate a plan for bed bug removal in your Bloomington, MN, home.

Be There Pest Control utilizes the modern techniques required to control bed bugs and ensure your home is free of the pesky critters. Once they’re gone, we can provide continual services to ensure the bed bugs don’t come back.

It’s also important to take matters into your own hands to avoid bed bugs. This includes being wary of used furniture. You never know when a used piece of furniture will contain bed bugs. Also, pay attention to the hotels you stay at. Watch for bed bugs and avoid putting your luggage on the bed or furniture as it might be a breeding ground for the critters.

If you’re suffering from a bed bug problem, contact our office today at (612) 379-8300. We’re happy to help and look forward to serving you!