At Be There Pest Control, we specialize in taking care of pest problems in residential and commercial spaces. It’s important that home and business owners have access to quality pest control services to ensure that their property is safe and free of pests. One problem that many homeowners face is bed bugs. These tiny creatures take up residency within your home and can bite, causing allergic reactions to anyone who is sensitive to the pests. With the help of our bed bug removal services in St. Louis Park, MN, we can ensure that your home will no longer be affected by the microscopic, miserable creatures.

Bed Bug Infestations

Most homeowners think that bed bugs infest their homes due to the property being dirty or condemned. However, bed bugs can infest even the cleanest of spaces. The way these pests enter your home is typically from hotel stays as well as used furniture. Hotels that have bed bugs create a situation where you can transfer the pests to your luggage and then carry them to your home where they can take up residency. Other travelers can also introduce bed bugs into your home via their luggage. You may have no idea that there are bed bugs until you begin to see the telltale signs, such as bites on your legs or blood spots on your bedding.

Bed bugs can also gain entry into your home by bringing in used furniture to your rooms. Furniture bought from a thrift store or found on the side of the road can have bed bugs, and you may have no idea they exist until you bring the piece of furniture into your home and then have an outbreak. Then the only solution is to schedule bed bug removal services in St. Louis Park, MN, to ensure the situation is controlled.

Professional Service

Once you begin to see signs of a potential bed bug infestation, we can help. Common signs include small bites on your legs or other exposed areas of your body when you awake. You may also notice small dots of blood on your sheets from where the bed bugs were biting you and causing bleeding. Plus, you might be able to see the tiny pests if you use light-colored bedding and look closely for their presence.

Bed bugs don’t live in just bedding, though. While they do get inside your box spring, they usually find a home within 25 feet of the people inside the dwelling. They can live in storage boxes, shoes under the bed, book bindings, and other areas. Our team knows how to look for bed bugs in your home to ensure they’re all removed.

When you feel that bed bugs are an issue, contact our team at Be There Pest Control. We can help by evaluating the situation and determining if you have an infestation or another type of pest issue. With bed bug removal services, we focus on controlling the problem and ensuring that the bed bugs are not an issue in your home.

Our methods use modern techniques to control the pest problem, ensuring that those in your home are safe from harm. Over time, the bed bugs are no longer an issue, and then we offer preventative maintenance to ensure that your home is not affected in the future.

If you feel that you have bed bugs in your home, contact our office today at (612) 379-8300. We can schedule an appointment and have your home inspected as quickly as possible to take care of your bed bug and other pest control issues.