As a homeowner, you’ll quickly learn that pests like to move in from time to time and call your home their own. While some pests are just annoying; others can cause serious damage. Carpenter ants are a prime example of how insects can take over your home and cause damage. These ants like to eat wood, so they can easily damage structural components of your home, which can lead to the need for costly repairs. Once you find that the ants are infesting your property in Bloomington, MN, it’s time to look for an expert carpenter ant control service.

At Be There Pest Control, we focus our efforts on helping home and business owners with pest control services. Carpenter ants are a common problem and can wreak havoc on your home if not taken care of quickly. With the right team assisting you, your property will be free and clear in no time.

What Carpenter Ants Do

Carpenter ants earned their name for their love of wood. But instead of building with wood like human carpenters do, they like to destroy it. They do this by chewing on wood to hollow it out in order to make their home. If carpenter ants make your property their home, they can cause weakened wood beams, which in turn, can lead to structural problems.

With our expert carpenter ant control service in Bloomington, MN, we can help you eradicate these pesky insects. We work on the interior and exterior of your home to quickly remove the insects.

Signs of carpenter ants in your property are pretty easy to spot. You may start to see wood shavings in areas of your home or business such as on the ground or the window sills. The ants are not shy, so you will most likely see them hanging around as well as they make their way through your home.

Professional Assistance

To remove the carpenter ants for good, quality pest control is needed. With our carpenter ant control service in Bloomington, MN, you’ll soon see that the ants no longer want to live with you. We use interior and exterior solutions to cause the ants to want to evacuate.

Exterior methods include treating entry points such as along the building’s siding and foundation. Any cracks or crevices where the ants might try to gain entry inside will also be treated. For the interior, applications are provided to remove the ants from your property. Spot service inside is crucial to the elimination of these ants.

If you fear that carpenter ants are a problem or might be in the future, never hesitate to contact our office. We offer pest control services, including preventative measures, so that your property is not a home to carpenter ants in the future. If you have noticed the ants or want to get a head start on preventative maintenance, give our experts a call at (612) 379-8300 and set up an appointment for service.

We’re happy to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have about carpenter ants in your home or business.