If you’re like most people, you don’t know the difference between ant types. To you, an ant is an ant. When ants invade your home, they can be pesky and annoying, eating food and marching all over the place. However, when you have a carpenter ant infestation, you have more than an everyday ant problem. This type of ant can do damage to your home, and when found, requires carpenter ant control for your Brooklyn Park, MN home.

Costly Damage

When carpenter ants are in your home, they can create damage that is quite costly. The creatures like to live inside of wood. Outside, in nature, they create homes in trees or fallen logs. Inside your home they chew and burrow into wooded supports and beams. This can lead to structural integrity issues if a large infestation of carpenter ants is located in the home.

It’s important to protect the integrity of your home with carpenter ant control in Brooklyn Park, MN. Many homeowners try to use DIY solutions or over-the-counter remedies for ant control. Most of the time, these options will not work. With our tried and true professional approach, the ants will no longer want to live in your home and be gone as quickly as possible.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

As the homeowner, you want to keep an eye out for signs that carpenter ants have invaded your home. The ants can find their way into your home through attic vents or cracks in the foundation, among other entry points. Once inside, the ants will hollow out wood components and build their nests. Over time, the number of carpenter ants will grow, leading to more damage inside your home.

There are several signs that you may find in your home that point to a carpenter ant infestation. This can include piles of wood shavings in spots around the home or soil by the window sills. You may even see the ants dive bombing down from above.

When you spot the ants or their signs, it’s time to call in our professional team of technicians. With our quality carpenter ant control services in Brooklyn Park, MN, you’ll be able to see your home rid of the annoying creatures.

Our services offer both indoor and outdoor treatments. For the interior, a limited spot-service approach is taken to treat the ants. On the exterior, the entry points are treated so the ants will no longer want to use your home as their own. This will include treating the foundation, under siding, and other areas.

Once you begin to see signs of carpenter ants in your home, it’s time for expert assistance. Over time, the ants can cause structural damage that can lead to the need for costly repairs. Avoid such costs and repair needs by enlisting the help of our carpenter ant removal experts. We can easily help to remove the ants from your home.

Give us a call today to have your home inspected. We offer services for existing ant infestations as well as preventative measures.