Unfortunately for homeowners, pests are a common occurrence. Pests such as carpenter ants can enter your home, becoming unwanted guests and chewing away at the wood components. With the right carpenter ant control services in Eagan, MN, your home can be free of these harmful insects. Be There Pest Control offers quality service options to rid your home of carpenter ants and help keep them away.

Carpenter ants are different from traditional sweet ants because they like to make their home inside of wood. They can infest your home with ease and begin to cause damage to the structure of your property. With our control service options we can eliminate the infestation and ensure the carpenter ants are no longer taking up residence inside your home.

Wood-Damaging Insects

With a carpenter ant infestation, the ants will hollow out the wood components of your home and live inside. In nature, the ants use trees for their home. With your property, the ants can chew into wood beams and other wood components to create a home. This can weaken the structural integrity of your home, and a large infestation can result in major damage.

Without our carpenter ant control services in Eagan, MN, your home may be at risk. Trying to get rid of the pests yourself can result in time and money wasted. Our expert removal techniques ensure that the ants no longer want to live within your property.

Treatment Options

Once we arrive at your home, we inspect the space to determine the scope of the carpenter ant control. Signs that carpenter ants are living in your home can include soil by the windowsills as well as tiny piles of wood shaving throughout the home. You may also observe ants moving throughout your home.

With our carpenter ant control services in Eagan, MN, we provide interior and exterior treatments. For the interior, spot service is used to cause the ants to want to leave your home. With our exterior application, the ants will not want to come inside your home. The application is placed under siding and along the foundation, common entry points for ants into a house.

As the weather becomes warm, carpenter ants begin to show up in homes across the United States. If you think your home is infested or at risk of an infestation, never hesitate to contact our team. Being proactive is a great way to ensure your home won’t be subject to a carpenter ant problem in the future.

With preventative maintenance, the exterior treatments we provide will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention the headache of having carpenter ants in your home.

If you’re worried about carpenter ants or have seen the pests in your home, contact our office today. We can easily schedule an appointment for service and get started protecting your home from these tiny wood-damaging pests!