Mouse Control

Rodents can cause a range of problems, from health hazards to infesting your food supply and causing property damage. At Be There Pest Control, we offer the latest in rodent control. Our rodent control services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area ensure that your property is protected. We provide mouse control, rat control, property inspection, and preventative treatments to keep rodents away. Our service technicians provide reliable service for homes, commercial properties, and multi-family homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro. Take care of rodent problems easily by scheduling a service with our company.

Signs of a Rodent Problem

There are a few signs that indicate a rodent infestation. If you’ve noticed droppings, heard squeaking and scratching sounds, or found holes chewed through boxes of food in your kitchen, then rodents have probably moved in. Fortunately, effective and affordable rodent control solutions are available from Be There Pest Control. We’ll eliminate your problem and keep mice and rats from coming back.

If you’ve noticed such signs, it’s time to contact our technicians. We can easily assist by inspecting your property and searching for entry and exit points. We then create a plan of action to provide quality rodent control for your Minneapolis or St. Paul area property.

Protecting Your Home and Property

Rodent removal should be carried out as soon as possible after the problem is noticed. Our customers have experienced problems with mice chewing through wires, ruining expensive electronics, and contaminating hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. Acting quickly can prevent these problems and the costs of repairing damage and replacing food and electronics in your home.

We’ll Keep Your Home Rodent-Free

If you’ve been leaving out traps at night but not making a dent in the problem, it’s time to contact Be There Pest Control. Our professionals will begin by inspecting your property in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or surrounding communities to determine where the rodents are entering your home to more effectively eliminate the problem. Our rodent control will block future invaders from entering your home. For more information or same day service, please contact Be There Pest Control at (612) 379-8300.