As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your property is protected. One nuisance that can be bothersome, and even damaging, is pests. From carpenter ants to bed bugs to rodents, pests have a way of taking over a home. And they can cause structural damage as well as health issues in your home. With our quality pest control services in Edina, MN, we can easily assist with any pest issue.

Pest Problems

Have you noticed a pest problem in your home? Each type of pest has its own tell-tale signs. Take, for example, mice and rats. If you have a rodent problem in your home, you most likely see droppings or chew marks on food packaging. You may also see the furry creatures scurrying around your home.

Bed bugs, which like to live in bedding, have completely different signs. They leave behind bite marks on your legs or other exposed areas of your body. You may also find blood marks on your sheets or see the microscopic bugs in your bedding.

Just as each pest has its own signs that it has infested your home, each pest also requires unique pest control services. When your Edina, MN, property is under attack, we can help.

Quality Services

Our team of pest control experts are ready to serve your Edina, MN, home. If you have seen signs of pests in the home, we will arrive quickly and get to work. We’ll complete a evaluation of your property so we can assess the situation. We’ll then create a pest control plan that will work for the pests that you have in your home.

The techniques we use for your home are noninvasive and safe. We never use methods that could harm children or pets, which ensures that your home is treated the best way possible.

Residential, Commercial, and Multihousing Services

At Be There Pest Control, we not only offer residential service options, but also focus on commercial and multihousing services. We provide pest control in Edina, MN, for homes, businesses, and rental properties such as apartment complexes. It’s important to treat any facility that may be facing a threat of pests.

Our company serves everyone in the local community to ensure that pests are not a problem. Carpenter ants, bed bugs, mice, rats, and other pests can easily become a nuisance, cause structural damage, or create health problems in your property.

Whether you are a homeowner, a commercial property owner, or an operator of a multihousing dwelling, we can help. Our team can provide a solution for your pest control needs. Every situation is different, so we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on each situation at hand and find the right solution for your pest control needs.

Give us a call today at (612) 379-8300 to find out how we can help you to rid your property of unwanted pests! We’ll be happy to discuss further the pest control services we can provide for you. Contact our experts to begin learning more and to schedule an appointment for your property.