If you are a property owner, be it residential, commercial, or both, you can guarantee at some point that an encounter with pests will occur. Carpenter ants, mice, rats, and bed bugs are just a few examples of common pests that tend to seek shelter within the warm and cozy confines of your property. The pests seek shelter from the elements as well as from predators, and your home or business will do just fine! But you don’t want pests as they can be a health hazard or cause structural damage to your property. Be There Pest Control provides you with quality pest control services in Minnetonka, MN, to ensure that pests are not an issue!

Taking Care of Your HomeAs a homeowner, you want to protect your investment. One way to do this is with pest control services. Your Minnetonka, MN home needs to be well cared for. It requires pest control to ensure mice don’t come in and chew on wires or bed bugs become a problem in your bedrooms. With our help, your home will not face any pest issues.

You can take advantage of our services when you have pests in the home or when your home is clear. We provide options to help rid your home of pests as well as protect your property.

Commercial Property Services

Just like our residential service options, we also offer services for commercial properties. As a business owner, you need your property to function properly. An infestation is going to bother employees as well as hinder business, not to mention possibly cause damage to your property.

If you find that pests are a bother, have our team come out and provide a service treatment to get your property back on track. If you don’t have pests, you can still benefit from our service options as a preventative measure.

Multi-Housing Solutions

If you own any multi-housing facilities, you probably already know that they can be plagued with infestations of pests. From bed bugs to mice, apartment buildings often have pest issues. Our technicians are well-versed in treatment methods for a variety of pests. We can review your multi-housing property and come up with the best solution for pest control.

Many multi-housing owners have more than one property. Our team of professionals can provide service for multiple properties to ensure that your housing facilities are free and clear of pests.

If you own property and have a pest issue or want to steer clear of any pest infestations, give our office a call today. Our expert technicians would love to go over with you the many pest control services we offer in Minnetonka, MN.

Don’t try to go it alone with DIY solutions. Let our expert team of technicians provide you with simple and safe solutions to ensure pests are not finding solace in your home! Give us a call today at (612) 379-8300 to find out more or to schedule an appointment for pest control service.