Rodents can create many problems when they infest your home or place of business. Mice and rats can go after your food and even cause property damage. Proper rodent control from Be There Pest Control in Bloomington, MN, will solve your rodent problem.

Rodent Infestation Signs

Droppings are a sure sign that you have mice or rats in your home. Have you seen small black droppings near baseboards or on countertops? You may also find holes chewed through boxes of food in your pantry or kitchen cabinets.

When the mice or rats really get bold, you will actually see them running through your home. If this happens, contact our rodent control professionals. With our help, your rat or mice problem will be eliminated, and you will no longer have to worry about the pests in your home.

Rodent Danger

Mice and rats like to chew things. That could be something simply annoying and bothersome like food packaging—or it could be something dangerous like electrical wiring. When mice or rats are located in the walls of your home, they’re more likely to chew electrical wires. You won’t see the damage but could be susceptible to fire and expensive repairs.  

Chewed electrical wires put you and your family at risk. When you find rats or mice in your home, act quickly to enlist expert rodent control!

Expert Help in Bloomington, MN

Once you’ve recognized the rodent problem in your home, it’s time to contact our expert technicians for help. You might have tried to handle the issue yourself, from glue traps to spring-loaded traps, to no avail. At Be There Pest Control, we’ve discreetly service hundreds of homes and businesses for rodent infestations. We know what it takes to tackle any problem.

After contacting our office, we will set up an appointment for service. We work quickly to get your home or business back on track after a rodent infestation. Our team members look for entry and exit points, working quickly to ensure preventative measures are in place so that mice and rats do not want to live in your home.

If you do not currently have a rodent problem, we offer services to ensure it stays that way. Let our team provide you with exactly what you need to avoid mice and rats in your Bloomington, MN, home. Give us a call today at (612) 379-8300 to learn more!