When it comes to pest issues in the home, one of the most common involves rodents. From rats to mice, these creatures love to take up residency inside your home. When you have a rodent infestation, you may be subject to health issues as well as hazards including chewed up electrical wires. With proper rodent control in your Eagan, MN, home, you can ensure that the pests are removed and you can go on living in your home with no issues.

What Causes Rodent Infestations?

Many people think that only dirty homes will have rodents, but that simply isn’t true. Rodents will enter any home in order to find a safe place to live. Mice and rats use homes to stay warm, moving from the cold outside into the comfortable environment your home provides.

Homes can also be an instant source for food. If you leave items out on the counter, they are free for the taking by mice and rats. The creatures will also pillage your food sources, such as cupboards and pantries, to find food.

Rodents also use homes as a way to stay safe from predators. Many creatures eat mice and rats, so they take refuge inside your home to be away from those that are hunting them.

Handling an Infestation

If you find that your home is infested by mice or rats, it’s time to take action. Rodent control for your Eagan, MN home will ensure the creatures no longer want to live in your home. With our team on the job, we focus on finding entry points that the creatures are using to get in and out of your home. These areas are sealed so the mice and rats can no longer find a way inside.

Signs of rat or mice issues including droppings, chewed wires or food packages, and of course, spotting the creatures with your own eyes. When you see these signs, it’s important to take action immediately. Waiting only allows the infestation to grow, and with more pests comes more health, safety, and repair issues.

Electrical Fires

Many homeowners know that mice and rats will eat through food packages but are unaware of the potential for electrical fires caused by the pests. The rodents like to chew through materials, including wiring. Because the rodents live in the walls of the home, they can easily start to chew through your electrical wiring.

This can cause an electrical fire and put your home at risk. To avoid such an issue from arising, rely on proper rodent control services for your Eagan, MN home. Once you notice a problem, allow our team to assist.

If you’re facing a mice or rat problem, don’t go it alone! Contact our professional team for assistance so we can ensure your home is free of the pesky critters! To set up an appointment for service, give us a call today at (612) 379-8300.