Caring for your home is a top priority. As soon as you realize that you have a rodent problem, you want a solution. Rats and mice can easily infest a home, leaving behind destruction and grossness in their wake. Once rodents have found comfort in your home, only rodent control can help. Rely on our expert team to provide that much-needed assistance in Minneapolis, MN.

Damaging Your Home

Once rats and/or mice begin living in your home, they start to do damage. Both like to chew on things, so you may find electrical wires or other items in your home ruined by their chewing. As far as electrical components are concerned, they can cause major damage to your home.

If the mice or rats are living inside the walls or in the attic space, they may start chewing on the electrical wires. Without proper rodent control the wires can short out, which can cause an electrical fire. A fire can harm your Minneapolis, MN, home as well as put your family at risk.

Many electrical fires are started by rodents and the source is unknown until further inspection. Rats and mice can easily chew on wires that run inside walls and ceilings. By taking action against these destructive vermin, you help to avoid such fires from taking place.

Harming Your Food

Rats and mice in your home can also harm your food. Dried foods in packaging are perfect for rodents. They can easily chew through the packaging to eat noodles, beans, and other items.

One sign that you have a rodent problem is when you begin to see packages of food with holes chewed in them. This food will have to be replaced which leads to more grocery spending for your family.

Rodent Control Services

Once you notice a problem with mice or rats in your home, it’s time to contact the experts. At Be There Pest Control, we offer quality rodent control services in Minneapolis, MN. Our services will ensure the rats and mice no longer want to live in your home.

After scheduling an appointment, we will arrive at your property and survey the area. We need to determine how the rodents are getting inside. Once we know these points, we can seal them off. This way, rodents cannot enter your home in the future.


With our rodent control services in Minneapolis, MN, you also have a preventative option. We can provide services to ensure rats and mice don’t seek shelter within your dwelling. Being proactive helps to avoid an infestation in the future.

We can easily survey your home and create a rodent control plan that works for your specific property. If you’re suffering from a rodent problem or want to keep rats and mice at bay, contact our team of experts. We’ll be happy to assist you with quality service options to ensure your home and family are protected. Give us a call at (612) 379-8300 today to schedule an appointment.