One of the most common pest issues in a home is ants. From carpenter ants to sugar ants, these tiny pests can easily infiltrate your dwelling and cause issues like eating your food or damaging wood components. When you find that ants are a problem, you need a quality ant exterminator in Eagan, MN, like Be There Pest Control. Count on us to provide the essential services needed to tackle any ant issue.

Sugar Ants

One type of ant that can enter your home is sugar ants, which are the tiny ants you see marching across your kitchen countertops or floor trim. These ants like to pillage for food in your home, and if they find a free source, they stick around. Sugar ants can chew through food packaging, which damages your food supply, and can simply be a nuisance in the home.

With our quality ant exterminator services in Eagan, MN, we can help with tackling any sugar ant problem. In no time, the ants will no longer be an issue in your home, and we can provide control options to ensure ants are not a problem in the future.

Carpenter Ants

With carpenter ants, the damage to your home is amped up a bit. Carpenter ants like to chew wood and make nests in wooded areas. While normally living in trees, these ants can take up residency inside a home and cause damage to wood components. This type of infestation can go unnoticed for a long time, which can lead to major damage before the ants are discovered.

Carpenter ants must be removed from a home before structural damage occurs. Any wood that has been chewed will need to be replaced, particularly if the wood is an integral part of your home’s structure.

Signs of Ant Infestation

There are signs to look for when it comes to ants in your home. The most obvious sign is finding ants marching inside the house. With sugar ants, they are often seen moving along windowsills and onto countertops.

If you see one ant, there are more, as ants live in colonies. Ants can destroy food, damage wood, and even bite, so you want to have quality pest removal services provided for your home as quickly as possible.

Professional Services

At Be There Pest Control, we offer quality ant exterminator services to ensure your home is protected from any type of ant. Once you notice a problem, or are afraid of a pest issue, we can set up an appointment and inspect your home.

With our initial inspection, we can determine where the problem lies and what type of ant we are dealing with. Once this has been determined, we will then focus on a plan of action to take care of the ant problem in your home. In no time, the ants will be gone, and then preventative maintenance can be planned to ensure they do not come back.

When it comes to ant control or prevention, we can help. Give our expert team a call today at (612) 379-8300 to learn more about our service options and schedule an appointment.