When most homeowners hear about bed bugs, it brings to mind dirty hotel rooms or homes where hoarding occurs. While this may be true, bed bugs can happen anywhere, at any time. Unfortunately, every home is susceptible to bed bugs, and without the proper treatment, an infestation can last for a long time. With Be There Pest Control bed bug removal in Edina, MN, we can ensure that your home is free of bed bugs as quickly as possible.

Sleep Well Again

If you have an infestation of bed bugs, you’re most likely not sleeping well. The tiny creatures like to bite, and homeowners often wake up with bites on their legs or other exposed areas of their body. With our treatment options you’ll be able to sleep well again as we get the bed bug infestation under control. With our service you receive bed bug control, property inspection, and an experienced team to provide customized service options.

Bed Bug Removal in Edina, MN

Have you noticed small bug bites on your body when you wake up? Do your sheets have drops of blood on them that you can’t explain? If so, you most likely have a bed bug problem. Call Be There Pest Control to perform an inspection so we can determine if bed bugs are the cause.

Bed bugs must be completely removed from your home to protect the health and well-being of your family. With our modern bed bug removal techniques, these pesky parasites will be quickly and efficiently eliminated from your Edina, MN, home.

How Bed Bugs Appear

Most people know that bed bugs can be a problem in hotels, so a check is made before booking a reservation when traveling. However, it’s not uncommon for a hotel to have bed bugs that go unnoticed. When traveling, it’s essential that you read reviews, but also check the room upon arrival. Avoid placing your bags on the bed or furniture in case bed bugs are present.

It’s also important to note that bed bugs can be transferred to your home in used furniture. Any piece of furniture found in a thrift store or along the side of the road may be infested with bed bugs. If you pick up used furniture, use your judgement and take caution to clean the piece thoroughly before bringing it into your home.

Once you notice a bed bug issue in your home, take action immediately. The problem will only get worse the longer you wait.When you schedule your appointment with us, we’ll respond promptly to inspect your property. We’ll then begin our bed bug removal services to ensure your home is free of these nasty pests as quickly as possible. 

After a bed bug problem has been detected, we provide modern solutions to tackle the infestation. With our help you can control the bed bug problem and safeguard your home from future bed bug concerns. Call Be There Pest Control today at (612) 379-8300.